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  • What is Sludge ?
    • Sludge is water condensation and iol mixture.  This dangerous mixture can cause burner nozzel foul outs, puff backs, soot damage, premature part wear, oil tank rot and is responsible for 75% of all no heat calls.
  •  Do Oil Tanks Collect Condensation?
    • Yes , like a cave your oil tank is always at a temperature of 52 degrees.  The air pocket in your tank will collect condensation over time and will fall to the bottom and become harmful sludge.  Like a bottle of salad dressing, the fuel oil and the water condensation does not mix, however on a fuel delivery your oil tank will shake up and mix sludge and clean fuel oil for several hours.  During this time your burner can have a puff back or can cause a burner break down
  • How Does Condensation Enter My Tank?
    • All tanks must vent outdoors.  Air enters through the vent pipe to replace the oil being used and escapes during the fill up.  This vent opening can allow condensation to form and collect on the inside walls of your tank
  • What Can Be Done To Prevent This?
           Keeping a full tank of oil in the summer can cut condensation in half.  summer months have the highest humidity levels and the biggest temperature differentials : less exposed surface area means less area for condensation  to collect and form on the inside walls.  By maintaining a regular maintenance schedule, your oil tank can last for many years trouble free.
  • Is There New Technology To Prevent Corrosion?
  •     The awnser is yes.  Zinc balls these are made from Zinc anodes and dropped into the tank after each cleaning for good metal to metal contact.  It is an electrochemical device that continuously applies a voltage charge to the inside walls of the steel oil tank to counteract corrosion.  "Zinc Tank Protectors" do stop 100% of corrosion caused by moisture, acid, and localized electrolysis.  These metal balls must be upgraded every two years to maintain 100% protection.  Cathodic Protection is mandated by the EPA to be used on all bulk oil storage tanks.  Cathodic Protection is familiar to most people through the use of zinc anodes on boat propellars.  
  • How Much Does This New Technology Cost?
  •       "Tank Protectors" for a 275 gal basement or inground oil tank costs $19.95, 550 gal oil tank costs $29.95 and a 1000 gal tank costs $39.95.  For all tanks over 1000 gallons please call for prices         

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